Buying a TimeshareThere are many pros and cons about timeshares, and many opinions about the investment return. Some of the arguments have a lot of validity to them and others may not. A timeshare may not be a lucrative investment or provide a substantial return; however, there are other benefits of a timeshare does offer.

  • Save money on traditional vacation costs by purchasing a timeshare you can use time and again, allowing you to save thousands of dollars over time.
  • Save even more money by purchasing far below the original timeshare resort cost.

Also many people fall in love with a particular place where they enjoy vacationing. Like most vacationing spots or resorts, the lodging is the most expensive line item for the entire vacation. Typically, the airfare, food and gas fluctuate, and when that is combined with the lodging expenses, the results can be an unaffordable vacation. With a timeshare, the issue of finding affordable lodging is eliminated.

At ICM Vacations we can take all the guesswork and time out of selecting the best timeshare you you and your budget.

Polo Towers Suites in Las Vegas

Polo Towers Suites in Las Vegas

We work directly with Owners, and buying from a owner will save you thousand over buying at the resort. with us you could literally;

Purchase timeshares at up to 50% of the original price.
Save literally thousands of dollars for the highest quality of accommodations, amenities, and service at name-brand resorts around the nation.

If you would like more information on buying use our contact page and we will be glad to assist you.